Body Sculpting


Excessive body and face fat is a common problem for people around the world.

Newest generation of treatments for remodelling shape and restructuring skin on face and body is now available in Ireland.

You will feel like exercising in the gym and enjoying the results of a diet, without actually doing it and without surgery.

LLLT liposuction laser combined with multi polar radio frequency, vacuum suction, dynamic pulses and super maximal muscle contractions are the most comfortable an effective non-invasive way to achieve your desired body shape and muscle condition. This treatments work both on face and body.

What you will achieve with our treatments?

  • reduced adipose tissue
  • firm skin
  • results of facelift or liposuction surgery
  • reduced body fat
  • increased metabolic efficiency
  • reduced Cellulite
  • increased muscle strength and resistance
  • reduced circumference

Effective, safe and non-invasive technology tested in seven independent studies conducted in the United States using the most reliable scientific methods MRI CT ultrasound and Histology.

LLLT Laser is the technology used in liposuction surgeries inducing the emptying of adiposities. It accelerated the fragmentation of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids by irradiating the adipose tissue and forming transient micro pores in adiposities. The released lipids are eliminated throughout normal metabolic process, resulting in reduced circumference of the treated areas and reduced oedemas.
Bipolar, quadripolar an hexagonal radio frequency signal coming in contact with the tissue impedance, generates instant localised heat, resulting in collagen-rich dermis. Skin appears more compact, firm and young.

Multi-polar radio frequency and LLLT laser creates intense heat on connective tissues including fibrous tissues. This increases cellular metabolism for a significant reduction of volume and skin laxity.

The vacuum suction immediately & simultaneously increases the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, facilitates fibroblast activity and favours vasodilatation.

The electromagnetic waves are able to induce super maximal contractions of muscles. That cannot be achieved through normal physical activity in 30 minutes, but in hours and hours of intense workouts.

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